Sewer Project Info

Written by webmaster on 20 July 2013

Contact Information: 
Gordon Ranes, 913-715-8522
Shannon Mathes,913-715-8556

HDR is the Consultant Engineering Firm

-each lot is currently being designed specifically to best meet the needs of the homeowner and the purpose of this project

-however, some property owners may have lines on their easements-if that is true for you, you will be contacted.

-The 1st set of plans for the main line have been completed and are being reviewed and fixed by JCW


Bid Construction – 1 year
Start Construction – Summer 2014
Finish Construction – Summer 2015

Individual begin hooking up (this may be done while the main line is being installed or after the completion of the main line- this will be up to the contractor) 

Letters will be sent out to the remaining people whom have expressed interests in hooking up but haven’t gotten back to the engineering firm – if you want to hook up or have changed your mind, please contact JCW and tell them so, by not contacting them you are charging them money each time the engineering firm tries to contact you. 

Letters will be sent to the few houses that need to make upgrades to their electric box or put their gray water line back inside their home 

Letters will be sent to all lake homeowners about the timeline of this project. 

Letters will come out that will contain a service agreement document that will need to be signed and notarized (Dawn Mercier at UPS will notarize this for free- all parties must be together and have proper id), also a letter of representation will need to be signed by all property owners to allow the contractor to pull all permits – this also includes a $200 fee (this is the only upfront and out of pocket fee)

  • Look for these letters to be sent out begining this summer through Spring 2014.
  • As you get letters that need to be signed and returned, please do so immediately. The longer it takes to get items back the longer it takes for us to get our sewers. 

What will happen to our existing holding or septic tank?

  • It will be pumped, filled with sand and or dirt, and re-grassed. 

Will the intermodal affect our interest rate?

  • No, our rate has actually decreased from the original. It went from 2.75% to 2.43%- this is a lock rate that has already been signed by the JCW attorney.

 Could the cost be higher than we thought?

  • Probably not. JCW had a contractor come and look at some of the worst possible problems and asked them for a bid of removing and digging through the rock- their bid came in under what they had given us as estimates; they also decreased their connection fees by 1/3 – which will also help offset any unforeseen costs.
  • JCW won’t know of exact costs until it is actually bid by a contractor- so get your papers signed and sent in. 

Seniors get ½ of the connection fee from JCW.

Everyone at the lake is in the CMSU district and will pay the $148 per year that we all saw on our tax bill this last December.

There are about 230 homes that have opted to hook into the sewers.  So if you are one the 230 homes that haven’t returned your letter of intent or talked to the engineering firm about your property, please do so.  The longer they have to wait for residents, the more our cost goes up.  If you have changed your mind, no big deal, but let them know