GLA Board Meeting Minutes – 3/8/23

Meeting Called to Order by Amy Heaven 4:00 PM at Amy Heaven’s home as well as on Zoom

Present:           Amy Heaven, Greta Jahrus, Leslie Hind, Blake Larson, Mike Rankin, Melinda Broward, Sandy Adams

Absent:            Clifton Bencke, Ryan Mueller

Lake Update: Presented by Leslie. The state is going to add some bass to the lake this year.

Secretary: Approved as submitted.

Treasury: Presented by Leslie. Current amounts are as follows: $22,867 checking, $435 Paypal, $574 Venmo, coming to a total of $23,878.03. Currently 63 people have paid 2023 dues for membership. Advertising for the calendar collected $1500, while the calendar expenses cost $1144.

Old Business:

-Mike Rankin mentioned a Lake Resident Directory is coming soon, he is working on making sure it is accurate and complete before release.


-Leslie Hind presented updates on the lake infrastructure. She has been investigating and digging up reports to help determine cost and needs for lake infrastructure.  The task force is meeting on March 9 to continue pushing our options.

-The Gardner City Council held a public meeting recently that touched upon the lake infrastructure. Much was discussed, and several residents made public comments raising their concerns. The funding for the project is up in the air, with some on the council committing some assistance, while others on the council disagreeing with this position. At the meeting, the council created an ambassador to Gardner Lake, and former Gardner Mayor and current City Council Member Steve Shute volunteered to take this position. The council essentially tasked the lake community with returning to them in agreement on a path forward.

-Sandy presented several awesome design options for 2023 merchandise. We will let residents know as soon as new merchandise is available – including some new items!

New Business:

-Spring Resident’s meeting is 3/25!

         -Starting with a Q&A with an extremely knowledgeable expert panel

-Incoming 50% sale on last year’s Gardner Lake merchandise!

-Fall/Winter/Spring newsletter: Amy is working on a forthcoming document.

-We are looking to add 2 members to the Board of Officers. We are taking nominations!


-Amy moved to adjourn the meeting, this was seconded by Greta.