GLA Board Meeting Minutes – 6/21/23

Meeting Called to Order by Mike Rankin at 4:00 PM on Zoom

Present:           Ryan Mueller, Mike Rankin, Melinda Broward

Absent:            Amy Heaven, Leslie Hind, Blake Larson, Sandy Adams, Clifton Bencke, Greta Jahraus

Agenda: Presented by Mike, approved as submitted.

Secretary: May minutes presented by Ryan, approved as submitted.

Treasury: Leslie Hind submitted a report prior to the meeting. It indicated a total of $26,667.84 in assets for all accounts. So far $291.27 has been spent in preparations for the 4th of July parade.

Old Business:

-Discussed 4th of July preparations.

-Rock the Docks band sign ups should be coming out soon

-Kayak race is coming soon on September 4th!

-Lake Task Force Update: The team felt it was a productive meeting on June 10 and thanks the community for the words of support and the constructive criticism. The team feels that the next step is to get the residents on the same page as far as what is currently understood about the improvement projects. The task force will be sharing a FAQ sheet summarizing the information gathered so far. Once all residents have the same information, the task force intends to get a straw poll of the support of the community in order to decide whether to continue this investigation.

New Business:

-None at this time


-Mike moved to adjourn the meeting, this was seconded by Melinda.