GLA Board Meeting Minutes – 8/16/23

Meeting Called to Order by Amy Heaven at 4:03 PM on Zoom

Present:           Amy Heaven, Ryan Mueller, Mike Rankin, Melinda Broward, Sandy Adams, Blake Larson, Leslie Hind, Clifton Bencke, Greta Jahraus


Agenda: Presented by Mike, approved as submitted.

Secretary: Presented by Ryan. Note added for kayak race per Melinda suggestion. Approved as with that change.

Treasury: Presented by Leslie Hind. Outgoing funds included $40 annual fee for non-profit organization status, $150 for renting meeting space, $1189 for towels, and $427 for 4th of July parade supplies and prizes. Incoming funds included $1135 for towels, and $70 for other merchandise. This gives a total of $24,291 for all assets. Approved as submitted.

Old Business:

-Resident Directory: Mike is working diligently on this. We discussed giving residents a heads up in case they want to be excluded from the directory.

-Special Events:

     -Kayak race: discussed logistics and planning for upcoming kayak race on 9/4. Clifton is going to create a Facebook event for this.

     -Chili cookoff / Soup challenge: Will take place October 21st! Weed wacking event will take place weekend before on October 14th

     -Rock the Docks: Schedule is set for multiple bands over the Labor Day weekend. Going to investigate ability to set up Venmo tipping for the bands

-Sailing/Kayak program: Clifton is working on setting up a sailing and kayak program with the city of Gardner, more to come and please contact Clifton if you are interested in helping.

-Algae/moss: this is being monitored and if it gets too aggressive will call the city and request a spraying

-Lake Taskforce Update: The board reviewed and discussed the high-level results from the anonymous surveys. After the taskforce reviews the survey, the results will be circulated on the Facebook page for residents to review.

New Business:

-None at this time


-Ryan moved to adjourn the meeting, this was seconded by Mike.