GLA Board Meeting Minutes – 10/11/23

Meeting Called to Order by Mike Rankin at 4:10 PM on Zoom

Present:           Ryan Mueller, Mike Rankin, Blake Larson, Amy Heaven, Greta Jahraus, Melinda Broward

Absent:            Leslie Hind, Clifton Bencke

Agenda: Approved as submitted.

Secretary: Approved as submitted.

Treasury: A treasury report was submitted listing assets at just over $25,000.

Old Business:

  -Taskforce Update: The taskforce is investigating dredging and infrastructure projects and looking into engineers to give us our own expert opinions. The team is preparing an update for the resident’s meeting.

  -Calendar Update: Calendar is in progress, hoping to share before 2024

  -Directory: Directory is in progress, hoping to share along with Calendar before 2024. Discussed a digital directory but have put this on hold for security concerns.

 -Lake update: KDPW has been out checking the fish population and plan to add more fish in the Spring

 -Soup cookoff: the team is getting ready to hold the annual cookoff down by the dam on October 21st

 -Fall Resident’s meeting: the team is preparing to meet and update members on October 21st

 -Ladder raffle: We are selling $10 raffle tickets and in the Spring we will raffle a top-notch dock ladder donated by Mac’s Docks to a lucky resident!

New Business:

   -Light Up the Lake Contest: the team is preparing some flyers and information for the light contest in December


  -Greta moved to adjourn the meeting, this was seconded by Melinda.