GLA Board Meeting Minutes – 2/21/24

Gardner Lake Association

Minutes to Monthly Board Meeting


Meeting Called to Order by Amy Heaven at 4:04 PM on Zoom

Present:           Ryan Mueller, Amy Heaven, Greta Jahraus, Leslie Hind, Mike Rankin, Clint Anderson, Clifton Bencke, Blake Larson, Melinda Broward

Absent:            None

Agenda: Approved as submitted.

Secretary: Approved as submitted. Greta motioned to approve, seconded by Leslie.

Special Presentation: Clint Anderson joined the group to discuss sanitation facilities at the boat ramp for Gardner Lake. Need: a lack of bathrooms at a public facility leads to people urinating/defecating in public around the lake or in the lake. Options: fenced in enclosure with gate for access, “concrete vault” restroom, full-on bathroom. Cost: city as a first priority, potential for residents or GLA to contribute as well. Ongoing Maintenance: ~$100/month for pumping. Ongoing Management: needs locked at night and cleaned.

   Discussion: The board agrees with the need for restrooms. All agreed that it would be a good topic to request from the city. Some are unsure of the long-term maintenance and costs. This will be continued in future meetings. Leslie said she would investigate options further.

Treasury: The GLA checking account totals $23,411 and in addition there is $1,301 in the Venmo balance. Ryan motions to approve, Mike seconded.

Old Business:

    -Taskforce update: Fact finding continues. The taskforce has additionally taken on the zebra mussel issue as a priority. The team will have an in-depth report from the Engineering firm soon and so plans to set up a special meeting for resident when fact finding concludes.

    -Merchandise: Sandy and the team discussed new ideas for 2024. Ideas included bucket hats, stickers, hand towels, and clothes with different logo designs. Also discussed a Facebook survey to get resident feedback.

    -By-laws: The team reviewed the by-laws status and committed to resharing them at the Spring meeting to be voted on at the Fall meeting. Ryan will work on these and share with residents.

New Business:

    -The group discussed the Spring Members Meeting planned for March 16th. We have received good feedback on the new location (JoCo Olathe Health Education Center) and will continue to have meetings there. The group discussed agenda items including zebra mussels, By-laws, and raffles.

    -Special Events: Sandy is looking into ways we can add a volunteer component to our annual activities. The team also discussed how to increase involvement with the community at events.

    -Lake Road Rep coordinator – Greta identified a gap in the Board’s communication with Lake Road Reps and volunteered to help with this. She wants to help coordinate with reps when we have projects where we request their help.

    -The Facebook group that is unofficially associated with the GLA was discussed. The Board believes the group should stay focused on residents and only add non-residents when necessary (e.g. child caretaker).

The meeting was moved to adjourn by Leslie and seconded by Sandy.