GLA Board Meeting Minutes – 6/19/24

Meeting Called to Order by Amy Heaven at 4:02 PM on Zoom

Present:           Ryan Mueller, Amy Heaven, Greta Jahraus, Leslie Hind, Mike Rankin, Melinda Broward

Absent:            Clifton Bencke, Blake Larson

Agenda: Approved as submitted.

Secretary: Approved as submitted.

Treasury: Leslie reported that the current GLA current assets total $32,106. That figure does not include the forthcoming dumpster expenses but is a great value indicating a healthy organization. Team discussed budgeting some money for next year’s now annual Lake Road Rep meeting.

Old Business:

    -Taskforce update: The team continues to investigate the avenues available to get the dam/spillway fixed. This includes how to finance the work as well as what work needs done. As soon as there is tangible work to present to the group, the team plans to set up a special meeting for residents.

    -Membership: The Board discussed ways to make storing member information easier for the team. Ryan will be looking into different solutions that keep in mind Lake Road Rep needs, membership/directory needs, as well as treasurer needs.

    -Lake Road Reps: Greta and the Board hosted a meeting with Lake Road Reps. The meeting was a great time where people from all parts of the lake were able to meet. Greta also got down to business and discussed new ideas she has for the Lake Road Rep program with the goal of building a stronger community. Every Lake Road Rep and volunteer helper was contacted by Greta to hear thoughts and share the latest ideas. Topics discussed included: coordinating tasks, updating resident directory, and new resident welcome packages. Also improving communication with residents including sharing minutes more widely and quickly. In addition, some new special event ideas were discussed including corn hole, a “Gardner Lake” night at a local restaurant, and a open house tour day.

    -Special Events: The team discussed preparations for the 4th of July parade including logistics, choosing a Grand Marshall, trophies, and prizes (we have very cool prizes planned this year!). Melinda is looking for leaders for the Chili cookoff and the Kayak Race if anyone is interested!

      -The dumpster weekend was another great success this weekend. Both dumpsters were totally filled! Thanks to all of the members who participated. A new idea for next year’s dumpster weekend, the GLA may try to have a bit of an item swap for items willing to give away but aren’t quite ready for the landfill.

      -Some residents have already made their plans for Rock the Docks on the Saturday/Sunday before Labor Day. If you are hosting a band that weekend, let us know so we can add it to the schedule!

New Business:

    -Merchandise: The team discussed new items including bucket hats, blankets, and floaties. Let Sandy know if you have any ideas for new items!

The meeting was moved to adjourn by Ryan and seconded by Sandy.