GLA Board Meeting Minutes – May 2022

May 2022 Minutes


               $19,469.21 – 96.12 to Paypal for carp campaign = $19373.09 total in Treasury

               $5000 for carp

               collected $3276.42 in donations from 40 donors

               now $3.50/fish paid by GLA

               110 members in GLA

               $2701 from shirts (revenue or profit?)

               Treasury approved by Sandy, seconded by Mike

               Leslie N. mentioned putting excess money towards spillway, Amy mentioned we are earmarking some funds for infrastructure within the bank account


               -address updates – Mike says we need some help from lake road reps

                              -Leslie N. volunteered to host a lake road rep meetup

                                             -determined 6/1 for the date

                                             -roads 5 and 12 need reps, can invite potential candidates

                                             -GLA board members to bring food, 8 board members, 15 Lake Road Reps

                                             -Mike/Leslie N. to lead


               -4th of July

Lake Infrastructure Developments

               -Amy met w/ Leslie H., Tim Orrick

               -options discussed:

                              -county take ownership of lake

                              -voluntary annexation

                                             -Gardner doesn’t want us

                                             -Olathe doesn’t want us

                                             -need approval of residents

                              -3rd class city


                                             -more solution than needed for this problem

                              -take lake private

                                             -promising but not quick solution

                                             -could control our own lake

                                             -we do have time (lake not crumbling this year)

                                             -85% buy-in from residents potentially (that’s a lot)

               -Amy’s plan of attack:

                              -exhibit + Amy’s book could help lake get on National Register

                                             -helps w/ funding

                                             -won’t cause excess regulations

                              -build resident support through block parties

                                             -will need people power

                              -need to attend Gardner city meetings

                                             -Ryan & Mike & Sandy volunteered to attend some fairly regularly

                                                            -can start rotating members through

                                             -will build partnership

                              -possible lake parties for residents

                              -beautify the lake


                                             -monument sign at the dam

                                             -gardening @ marina

                              -public forums

                              -get dredging moving

                                             -shows we can get things done

                                             -residents would love

                                             -plan – maybe city raises dock fees to get paid for?

                              -Amy to meet w/ Mayor

                                             -then a GLA taskforce to be put together

               -Dam report

                              -maintenance plan and downstream resident list not updated

-New Business

               -flags for Rock the Docks

                              -collect from residents to get a flag to show support and fundraise

                              -idea tabled by Sandy    

-Meeting was adjourned