GLA Board Meeting Minutes – 7/21/22

Meeting Called to Order by Amy Haven 4:00 PM in Zoom format.

Present:           Mike Rankin, Sandy Adams, Ryan Mueller, Melinda Broward, Greta Jarhaus, Leslie Hind, Leslie Nemitoff, and Clifton Bencke. 

Absent:            Amy Haven and Blake Larson unable to attend.

Mike sent out the agenda prior to meeting let us know he would run our meeting since Amy was out of town.

Mike called the meeting to order.  Then presented the June meeting minutes for approval.

Ryan Mueller made the motion that we accept the agenda as submitted and Leslie Hind seconded.  The vote was unanimous and the minutes were accepted.

Leslie Hind sent in the treasury report. We have $20,703.09 in bank account and $435.90 in PayPal, total of $21,138.99.  We still need to pay the bill of $1,472 for the two large trash dumpsters we used for the dumpster weekend. Also still need to pay Sandy and Greta for the 4th of July parade expenses.

4th of July Boat parade was discussed that we had a nice turn out of boats.   All the trophies were given out and we retrieved all but 2 of our reusable boat numbers. The trophies were nice and heavy and a nice size.  We stayed close to budget. Leslie will get us the final numbers once all the invoices are paid. The downside to the parade was that we had a few complaints of a couple of boats were political.  We discussed that we could but in next year’s announcement to please avoid political statements and that we would like to keep the parade family friendly.

Sandy was able to get pictures of each boat and it’s number and sent them to Ryan for posting on our Facebook page for voting.   Had a nice voting turnout.  Also discussed next year we could have boat themes.

Discussed Rock the Dock’s that Amy and Suzy are working on.  Hope to have another good turn- out for 2022.

Discussed Kayak race scheduled for Labor Day.  If we can get some items donated for a raffle that would help generate some revenue and interest.  We are going to give out ribbons like last year and Greta will customize these.  Going to ask the Shawnee Kayaking group if they would like to participate again.  They donated funds.  We couldn’t get a food truck so we are going to do a potluck like last year.  Sandy will sell T-shirts.  Will ask Todd Chapell to do announcing again. Mike will have a boat for the kids turn around (beach house), ask the Burnett’s to cover the adult turn around (band stand).  Amy and Dave will use they double decker boat for the starting line and the judges to be on top.  Also, we will have a first aid boat and another boat at south end by fishing point for professional turn around.  Leslie Hind will work with city to get a porta potty for the fishing derby and the kayak race.

Weekend of the 20th we set for the annual weed and brush cleanup.  Sandy will make a flyer and send it to Mike to send out.  Setting this for prior to the kids fishing derby an outside group is having weekend prior to Labor Day.

The GLA mailing list still needs additional updating some missing emails or phone #’s or dock numbers.  Road reps could also help get this information.  List of membership director hasn’t gone out in a while and discussed this needs to go out again.

Road rep part was canceled and need to setup sometime in September with new date options.  Get the word out ahead of time.

Discussed our Zoom link for meetings needs to be updated so we can have longer meetings.  The free Zoom access is restricting out meeting time and have to relog back in.  Could go ahead and pay for a GLA account.

Discussed Lake Rules, had some complaints folks are swimming off boats.  The City updated the rules in summer of 2021 restricting swimming areas, no tubing, no alcohol and other items.  Probably need to post these again on our website.

Also docks need to get their numbers on several are missing.

Discussed city has no plans or budget this year to treat the algae in the lake.  The carp have done a good job on the main channel down in the south end.  There is a some growing now along the bank and around docks. 

Will work on the Chili cookoff details after the kayak race.  We will be selling tickets for the raffle items Ryan is collecting (hanging outdoor chair and artwork).

The meeting was adjourned.

GLA Board Meeting Minutes – May 2022

May 2022 Minutes


               $19,469.21 – 96.12 to Paypal for carp campaign = $19373.09 total in Treasury

               $5000 for carp

               collected $3276.42 in donations from 40 donors

               now $3.50/fish paid by GLA

               110 members in GLA

               $2701 from shirts (revenue or profit?)

               Treasury approved by Sandy, seconded by Mike

               Leslie N. mentioned putting excess money towards spillway, Amy mentioned we are earmarking some funds for infrastructure within the bank account


               -address updates – Mike says we need some help from lake road reps

                              -Leslie N. volunteered to host a lake road rep meetup

                                             -determined 6/1 for the date

                                             -roads 5 and 12 need reps, can invite potential candidates

                                             -GLA board members to bring food, 8 board members, 15 Lake Road Reps

                                             -Mike/Leslie N. to lead


               -4th of July

Lake Infrastructure Developments

               -Amy met w/ Leslie H., Tim Orrick

               -options discussed:

                              -county take ownership of lake

                              -voluntary annexation

                                             -Gardner doesn’t want us

                                             -Olathe doesn’t want us

                                             -need approval of residents

                              -3rd class city


                                             -more solution than needed for this problem

                              -take lake private

                                             -promising but not quick solution

                                             -could control our own lake

                                             -we do have time (lake not crumbling this year)

                                             -85% buy-in from residents potentially (that’s a lot)

               -Amy’s plan of attack:

                              -exhibit + Amy’s book could help lake get on National Register

                                             -helps w/ funding

                                             -won’t cause excess regulations

                              -build resident support through block parties

                                             -will need people power

                              -need to attend Gardner city meetings

                                             -Ryan & Mike & Sandy volunteered to attend some fairly regularly

                                                            -can start rotating members through

                                             -will build partnership

                              -possible lake parties for residents

                              -beautify the lake


                                             -monument sign at the dam

                                             -gardening @ marina

                              -public forums

                              -get dredging moving

                                             -shows we can get things done

                                             -residents would love

                                             -plan – maybe city raises dock fees to get paid for?

                              -Amy to meet w/ Mayor

                                             -then a GLA taskforce to be put together

               -Dam report

                              -maintenance plan and downstream resident list not updated

-New Business

               -flags for Rock the Docks

                              -collect from residents to get a flag to show support and fundraise

                              -idea tabled by Sandy    

-Meeting was adjourned

GLA Board Meeting Minutes – 4/27/22

Meeting Called to Order at 6:35 in Zoom format.

Present: Mike Rankin, Sandy Adams, Ryan Mueller, Melinda Broward, Greta Jarhaus, Leslie Hind, Amy Heaven.

Absent: Leslie Nemitoff, Blake Larson, Clifton Bencke

Amy presented the agenda for approval. Sandy made the motion that we accept the agenda as submitted and Mike seconded. The vote was called and the agenda was accepted.

Amy submitted the minutes from the March 26 general membership meeting. Sandy made the motion that we accept them as submitted with a second by Mike. The vote was called and the minutes were approved.

Leslie H. gave the financial report as basically unchanged from the last meeting when we had $20,274.21 on hand. She has one outstanding check to deposit.

Sandy gave a tee shirt update. We have about 150 left with 10 having sold at the general meeting for a total of funds collected around $2000 so they have covered the costs and are generating income.

Ryan gave a raffle report. He sold ten tickets at the meeting for a total of $40.00. Ryan is working on a David Payne picture for our raffle collection. He is also going to solicit Gardner business for donations.

On Old Business:

The topic of roster maintenance was presented, and it was agreed that it would be a good task for our Lake Road Representatives. Mike agreed to head up the rep program and reach out to the current volunteers to reengage them. Amy mentioned that she’d received Angela Larson’s resignation. An in-person gathering was discussed and Greta volunteered to help with that process. A date will be determined in the future.

The floor was turned over to Melinda for the events update. She asked about the success of the dam clean-off April 16th. Workers who participated were Todd Chappell, Dave Young, Pete Adams, John Modic, Blair Honeyman and Travis Fleming. Trees that could not be pulled where sawed off with the trunks treated with Tordon. The city has been slow to remove the loose brush.

The topic of Mary Burnett’s clean-up party was raised. The turnout was fantastic, but the wind wouldn’t permit the use of boats on that day. People launched out on foot but even that was a challenge. There was talk of possibly scheduling another one for the fall, but not determination was made.

Leslie forwarded a couple names of people who had volunteered to serve on Leslie Nemitoff’s beautification committee. They were people who signed up at the general meeting.

Regarding the 4th of July boat parade, Melinda will plan a meeting in the next couple weeks to start planning. Several different methods of judging were discussed. The budgets for all the social events is $500 for simplicity. Leslie H. asked if Susan Dolan had been invited to judge and that she would take it very seriously.

Leslie H. presented her grass carp report. She was disappointed that Lucas with the state was walking back his offer of providing 500 grass carp for us this year. After our successful program last year he had made that offer. He was saying that our lake looked very good and he wanted to wait and see until fall. Melinda asked if the cost had stayed the same. Leslie H. was going to check on that. Melinda suggested that we get them reserved.

The condition of the spillway was discussed. Leslie H. said that Jason with the city was going to get us a copy of the last spillway report. Leslie said that the city has no budget for a repair and that is was a low priority for them. There is a condition report provided every two years.

On the condition of the dam, it too is inspected every two years. Mike was wondering about its evaluation and wondered how concerned we should be. It was mentioned that the valve below the dam was inspected monthly.

On the topic of dredging, Leslie H. commented that the city has had two grants in the past that expired and that it doesn’t fair well for future grants. But Jason is meeting with the county for possible options. Melinda asked if the city had investigated the purchase of dredging equipment? Leslie said “no.” Greta asked if Leslie had her task force? She said that Harold will help and Greta said that Fred, her husband, and volunteered as well. Ryan also said that he’d like to help. Leslie said that Jason felt we would need to use the cities grant writer.

Leslie remarked that only seven crew members maintain all the parks in Gardner. They are purchasing fancy trash cans for all the sites and that we would get 3 or 4. On the subject of beautification, Jason was very supportive. Leslie H. asked about having a park ranger and Jason said there was no budget for that. Gardner Lake will, however, get two security cameras to be monitored by the police. Leslie H. had asked the city about replacing the Porto-Potty and they said they would not because they are always destroyed by the public. They were considering something permanent. The amount of work what Leslie Hind was doing was recognized and Greta volunteered to help her. Leslie feels that Jason is trying to do the right thing.

Communications and our website was discussed. It was agreed that we need to know the password to our website as Blake is the only one who has it. Ryan volunteered to help Blake as he too has web design skills.

On New Business, Greta suggested that we maintain a running list of concerns and Ryan suggested a share Google Sheet. Greta remarked that it would facilitate managing feedback and understanding concerns. She agreed to manage it.

We would table a report on beautification until Leslie Nemitoff is available.

Tee shirts were discussed, and it was agreed that we would look into a new logo design for next year. Sandy felt like this wasn’t the time of the year to order them. Having our lake road reps in our tee shirts was a good idea. The topic turned to the lake road rep party and when a good time to have it would be. It was decided that this June might be the time.

Discussion turned to earmarking the treasury to avoid continual criticism over our utilization of excess funds. It was discussed that infrastructure should be the larger amount with earmarking the social events as another along with campaign seed money. Leslie mentioned that we need to update the signatories on the checking account while we were at it.

Amy mentioned that the Gardner Historical Museum was featuring an exhibit on Gardner Lake history starting June.

A permanent monthly meeting time was set for the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Amy will get the Zoom password from Chuck.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

In a post-meeting e-mail exchange on April 28, Ryan Mueller motioned that we go forward with the purchase of 500 grass carp and Melinda Broward seconded. The vote carried.

Minutes submitted by Amy Heaven in the absence of Leslie Nemitoff, Secretary.